Roll forming lines, special machines for sheet metal working and production of metal profiles

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PM is primarily a big family, in a way that the specific distribution of roles, according to the competence and professionalism of each member, has allowed the company to distinguish itself through high quality standard.

Put this spirit together with the highest technological standard, plus a very high specialization in computerized design, and you obtain a business that runs on absolute efficiency and reliability.

PM today plays an important role in the field of custom design, production, installation and technical systems for the automatic processing of sheet metal. The main aim of PM is to design according to the specific needs of the client, to produce high quality machines which are easy to use.

Our machines are designed according to methods of modularity and versatility,
so that they can be integrated with other conventional systems too.

The main typologies of our products are made up of automatic sheet-processing systems.



We work in the following macro sectors: construction, agriculture, shelving, metal furnishings, household appliances and illumination.
We have an extensive product range, as we also work in the metal container
and automotive sectors.

Example of our main product-groups and types:
- profiling systems for the process of cutting and bending sheet metal;
- accessories for welding units and packaging systems.

The versatility of these machines allows for the possibility to develop new processes
"made to measure" for our clients.

The organisation of the company comes from the Pizzolato family, taking the best qualities of each member. This is demonstrated through the high level of teamwork which can be seen throughout the business, in all areas.

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