Roll forming lines, special machines for sheet metal working and production of metal profiles

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The line is made up as follows:
- Double decoiler 2t + 2t
- Straightener
- Loop control
- Straightener feeder
- Mechanical press 100 t with dies
- Conveyor
- Overturning unit of carrying plate
- Table with insertion of carrying plate
- Mechanical press 100 t (useful width 1800 mm) for assembling
- Grates extraction conveyor
- Grates accompanying unit
- Unloading bench
- Specifications regarding the dimensions that can be produced and production data:
Possibility to produce grates with length 4.000 mm (single production);
Production of 1 m of grates every 2 minutes dim. 1000x1000 mm mesh 33x33;
Production of 1 m of grates every 1 min and 10 sec dim. 1000x1000 mm mesh 22x66;
Production of 1 m of grates every 6 minutes dim. 1000x1000 mm mesh 22x11.

Attached images
View of the machine
Partial view of machine plan
Entry view of assembly press
Straightener feeder and press
Overturning unit carrying plate
Exit view of assembly press
Control panel
Technical data
Min. grate dim. length x width 250x200 mm
Max. grate dim. length x width 2000x1500 mm
Carrying plate (length min-max) 20x2-100x5 mm
Connecting plate (width) 10x2-15x3 mm
Material: Fe, Stainless steel, Aluminium
Pitch mesh 11,11 mm
Line direction Right-Left
Line colour 5015 RAL
Installed power 98 kW
Production 33x33: 1 m / 2 min
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