Roll forming lines, special machines for sheet metal working and production of metal profiles

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The line is made up of a decoiler at the beginning, which feeds the machine with plates, then a feeder and a feeding bench supply for the assembly the pieces with the plate, which come from laterally placed horizontal decoilers (one for each side). In the following phase the welding of the grates takes place and at the end we have the unloader.
Regarding production data and other specifications we have:
• About 0,5 m² / min (panel 1000x1000) (mesh 33x33)
(Mesh 33x33)
(Carrying 30x2)
(Not non-slip)
• Non-slip punching only on mesh 33x33 and only on the punched line (carrying)
• Exclusion of punching unit with manual cassettes
Welding units 320 160
Line excluding welders 150 150
TOTAL 470 310
• Dimensions of connecting plates: 10x2 to 15x2 mm
• Dimension of carrying plate: 20x2 to 60x3 mm.

Attached images
View of machine
Rear view assembly zone
Partial view of machine plan
View of welding zone
Exit view of assembly unit
Welding unit detail
Detail of pallet discharging zone
Control panel
Technical data
Max. grates dimension punching side 1500 mm
Min. dim. grates (width) punching side 150 mm
Min. dimension grates(length) plate side 200 mm
Step of insert. of lines w. splits(min.) 11.1 mm
Step of insert. of lines w.splits(mult.) 11.1 mm
Flanging plate (welding points) 1
Material: Fe37, Fe 52, Stainless Steel
Dimension of plate with min. splits 20x2 mm
Dimension of plate with max.. splits 40x3 mm
Plate dimension with splits min. (s.s) 20x2 mm
Plate dimension with splits maximum(s.s) 50x3 mm
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