Roll forming lines, special machines for sheet metal working and production of metal profiles

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Vertical bending press to bend very long (12 m) trapezoidal sheets always at personnel level.
The loading od a single sheet is made vertically and a mechanical arm brings the sheet in vertival position. The feeding / advancing is through mobile pincer on belt commanded by motor (all controlled by NC).
It is possible to adjust the step to change the bending radius.
The dies are interchangeables to allow the change of product.

Attached images
View of the machine
Finished product
Feeder bench
3 D representation of functioning of bending unit
Bending machine
Detail of product
Detail of bending machine
Detail of feeder bench
Control panel
Technical data
Minimum radius 250 mm
Trapezoid max. height 80 mm
Thickness trapezoid max 1.2 mm
Length max 12 mm
Installed power 52 kW
Absorbed power 42 kW
Line colour to be determined
Line direction to be agreed
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