Roll forming lines, special machines for sheet metal working and production of metal profiles

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Line suitable for the production of polyurethane sandwich panels with pentane expansion. This solution allows to adhere to the current norms. The pre-heating is electric (as option with Diesel oil, heating oil, etc.). The double belt press is 25 m long (as option 30 - 40 m). Lateral containments for 3 different heights (as option more heights). The cut is with disc to carry out the overlapping. Unloader with rotation of roof panel (to save space). Packaging with plastic film. As option closing of head and container for pentane and polyurethane.

Attached images
Double-belt press
Wall and roof panel
Roof tile panel
Pre-heating tunnel
Mixing unit
Detail of spraying unit
Cutting unit
Conveyor with vertical movement
Technical data
Mechanical speed of the line 10 m/min
Material: pre-painted aluminium
Sheet thickness 0,4 0,8 mm
Dim. of sandwich panels (thickness) 40 200 mm
Sandwich panel dim. (min. width) 1000 mm
Sandwich panel dim. (max. width) 1200 mm
Sandwich panel dim. (min. length) 2000 mm
Sandwich panel dim. (max. length) 13000 mm
Sandw.pan.dim.(pack.height -polyst.base) max. 800 mm
Power 500 Kw
Thermic capacity 700.000 kcal/h
Maximum width 1100 mm
Air consumption 2000 Nl/1
Speed (H 40) 10 m/min
Length of press 25 m
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