Roll forming lines, special machines for sheet metal working and production of metal profiles

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Production line for "T" type profiles for false ceiling with in-line punching. The line produces both Main Runner as well as the Cross Tee with the hook clip obtained from the profile itself. The production speed for Main Runner with length of 3,6 m is 8 pieces per minute while the production regarding the two Cross Tee profiles, one with length of 1,2 m and the second with lengt of 0,6 m, is respectively 18 and 25 pieces per minute. Optionally with the same line on can produce also the wall corner profile.

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T type profile
Loop control
Rollforming line PME type
Cutting unit
Straightening head
Hydraulic embossing and punching bench
Hydraulic punching units
Control panel
Technical data
Decoiler capacity 500 + 500 kg
Coil int. 500 mm
Coil max. ext. 1.600 mm
Maximum width 200 mm
Minimum profile length 600 mm
Maximum profile length 3.600 mm
Production on 3,6 m length 8 p/1'
Production on 1,2 m length 18 p/1'
Production on 0,6 m length 25 p/1'
Profiling heads 16 n
Installed power 35 kW
Air consumption 300 Nl/1
Material: Galvanized, Prepainted Alu
Line colour to be determined
Line direction to be determined
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