Roll forming lines, special machines for sheet metal working and production of metal profiles

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The production line of wall boiler front-ends is made up of:

1/ Automatic sheet feeder;
2/ Motorized transport rolls;
3/ Notching-punching bench with manually movable hydraulic units for various measures made up of:
n 4 overhung units for bending angle shear
n 1+1 overhung unit for head/tail shear
n 1 bridge unit for execution of central hole with pneumatic stop of sheet, operator side mobile;
4/ Motorized transport rolls;
5/ Double bending unit manually movable for the execution of the two head bends;
6/ Motorized transport rolls;
7/ Double bending unit manually movable for the execution of the two lateral bends;
8/ Motorized transport rolls;
9/ Press for the execution of the central drawing and of the two lateral high bends;
10/ N 2 guides for die support on two sides of the press;
11/ Control desk.
- Production about 3 pcs/min.

Attached images
Wall boiler front-end profile
Sheet feeder with suction cups
Drawing of wall boiler front-end profile
Machine for wall boiler front-end profiles
Wall boiler forming press
Notching bench
Head-tail cutting-bending die
Double bending unit for lateral bends
Hydraulic press and unloading rolls
Technical data
Maximum width 500 / 800 mm
Thickness 0,7 mm
Length min 500 mm
Length max 800 mm
Installed power 45 kW
Air consumption 200 Nl/1
Line speed 3 pz/min
Material Fe pre-painted
Starting with sheet
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