Roll forming lines, special machines for sheet metal working and production of metal profiles

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The forming line for PD type brackets is made up as follows:

1. Decoiler cod. 54002I;
2. Loading cradle cod. 54006;
3. Introduction group with pinch roll cod. 313A;
4. Starightener cod. 55001B;
5. Feeder with rolls cod. 10005B;
6. Mechanical forming press with double upright cod. 203;
7. N 4 dies with step with incorporated threading machine for the forming of Fe P02 electrogalvanized cod. 71;
8. Accident prevention barriers cod. 36023.
The line can produce brackets with 3 and 4 hooks and the anti-release stop is obtained from scrap.

Attached images
Finished product and its application
Detail of die on the press
Draing of bracket with 3 hooks
View of composing parts of the line
Feeder with rolls
Control panel
Technical data
Material: electrogalvanized Fe P02
Thickness 3 mm
Maximum width 400 mm
Decoiler capacity 10 t
Installed power 80 kW
Air consumption 300 Nl/1
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