Roll forming lines, special machines for sheet metal working and production of metal profiles

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This line is particularly suited for the production of C - U - Z profiles with rapid change of widths, heights, thicknesses.
The line besides giving a high quality product can also work high thicknesses (4 mm).
The hydraulic automatic punching has the possibility ofa rapid step-change with handwheel (or as option through the control system).
The cut is carried out after the profiling with a combinable die; such solution, apart from giving high quality product (head-tail of profile), allows a quick change of the tools.

Attached images
C - Z line general view
Strip introduction unit with pinch roll
Z profiles
Fexible coil punching machine
Roll forming machine.
Head-tail welding unit and straightener
Electronic feeder with rolls.
Punching tools AMADA type.
Flying cutting unit with hydraulic cutting head.
Technical data
Maximum width 500 mm
Material: Galvanized
Min. material thickness 1,0 mm
Max. material thickness 5,0 mm
Decoiler capacity 5.000 kg
Coil max. ext. 1.500 mm
Production speed maximum w. punching 15 m/min
Line direction to be determined
Line colour 5015 RAL
Installed power 200 kW
Air consumption 1000 Nl/1
Lay out 1
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