Roll forming lines, special machines for sheet metal working and production of metal profiles

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Flexible punching line up to automatic unloading, starting with strip.
The peculiarity of this punching machine is being electric; therefore the punching power comes from the motor. Such solution allows to avoid the problems of the hydraulic solution, with less maintenance and more reliability. It can reach rally high speed i.e. blows per minute, determined by the number of revolutions of the motor.
Another peculiarity of this innovative punching machine is to be with 4 columns, therefore more reliable in time.
Apart from less wear on the tools, materials with higher thicknesses can be processed.
The interchangeable standard rapid punching units are of "AMADA" type.
It can be fitted with longitudinal feeder with rolls or with pincers.
The automatic latteral unloading with suction cups makes the punching independent from the unloading/packing operations and not stopping the line.

Attached images
Example of processing and possible processings
Detail feeder
Detail punching machine
View of the line
View of the line
Detail of punching head
Detail of suction cups on unloading bench
Control panel
Technical data
Nibbling (blows/min) 360
Material to process: strip in coils
Material: Fe-pre-painted-stainless steel
Sheet thickness R-42 kg/mm 0.5-3 mm max
Installed power 40 kW
Line direction to be agreed
N of tools 18
N of tools type B (max. tool 31,7 mm) 8
N of tools C type (max. tool 50,8 mm) 6
N of tools D type (max. tool 88,9 mm) 2
N of tools E type (max. tool 114,3 mm) 2
Power (T) 30 t
Blows per minute 360
Speed of longitudinal movement 120 m/min.
Speed of lateral displacement 60 m/min
Punching unit AMADA type
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