Roll forming lines, special machines for sheet metal working and production of metal profiles

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The line for car window-grooves is a line specifically dedicated for profiles in the car industry where narrow dimensional tolerances are requested.
The line is made up initially from a decoiler, which can be of various types to correspond to any necessity of production, and then follows the introducer strip guide and the roll forming line with dedicated rolls. Obtained the particular profile, the following calibration, horizontal bending and twisting heads are of particular importance, as they give the precise and requested forming.
The last phase is the cut executed by the cutting die which has adjustments on more axes to obtain cuts with various angles requested by the various production requirements.

Attached images
Car window-groove
Cutting die for car window-grooves
Drawing of the section of car window-groove
Machine for the production of car window-grooves
Car window groove bending
Strip introducer
Adjustment group of cutting die
Calibration, bending and twisting heads
Control panel
Technical data
Installed power 20 kW
Absorbed power 16 kW
Production on 0,9 m length 8-10 pz./min.
Air consumption 50 Nl/1
Line direction Right-Left
Line colour to be determined
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