Roll forming lines, special machines for sheet metal working and production of metal profiles

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The bending line with die for trapezoidal sheets is a special line that through dies works trapezoidal sheets to obtain curved finished products. The line has a loader with suction cups that takes the semifinished material from the bench below (complete with gripper with electronic control)to the bending unit with die for the processing and finishing the product.
A manipulator - unloader placed immediately after the bending unit takes the product out of the line and palletizes the finished products.

Attached images
Finished product
Detail of loader with suction cup
Section of profile and its assembly
View of the line
View of the line
View of the bending line with die
Detailed view of bending line with die
Finished product exiting from bending line w. dies
Control panel
Technical data
Material: Pre-painted
Material thickness 0,4 / 0,8 mm
Piece length max 7000 mm
Minimum radius of piece 350 mm
Maximum radius of piece 6600 mm
Line direction Right-Left
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