Roll forming lines, special machines for sheet metal working and production of metal profiles

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The production line for stainless steel tubes is expressly dedicated for these profiles, and it is possible to make tubes with very small diameters (min. diameter 12 mm) or sizable tubes (max. diameter 114,3 mm) with various thicknesses (from a minimum of 1 mm up to 3 mm).
The line starts with a decoiler 5 t followed by a heading and welding bench. The strip after this phase is inserted in the roll forming line where the scraper too is accommodated. In the following phases the glazing unit and the marking group finish the product and the following automatic flying belt saw cuts the tubes to the required measure. In the last phase the tube finishes in the unloading bench which takes it out from the line.
The line speed is 2-3 m/min (with 1,5-2 mm thickness) and it is possible to produce tubes with diameter 12-25-50-114,3 mm.
The line colour is blue RAL 5015.

Attached images
Stainless steel tube
Heading and welding bench
Drawing of stainless steel tubes sections
Stainless steel tubes roll forming
Forming rolls of stainless steel tubes
Semiautomatic belt saw
Unloading bench for stainless steel tubes
Control panel
Technical data
Decoiler capacity 5 t
Useful width max. 600 mm
Material: AISI 304
Thickness 1-1,5-2-3 mm
Length maximum 6000 m
Length tolerance 10 mm
Installed power 130 kW
Absorbed power 95 kW
Air consumption 500 Nl/1
Line direction Left-Right
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