Roll forming lines, special machines for sheet metal working and production of metal profiles

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The slitter line is designed and expressly dedicated to produce strips in rolls of verious widths, which then are sent to the production lines.
First the coil is loaded with a loading cradle on the decoiler at the beginning of the line. Operator cuts the steel straps and puts the strip in the introducer.
Now the process continues in semiautomatic mode, strip goes into the heading unit then to the shear with circular blades which divides the coil in smaller strips with the desired width. Always in semiautomatic mode the strips go to the the felt-press with latch and get attached to the recoiler.
From now on the operation can carry on in automatic mode until strip on the first decoiler is finished. The strips are placed on an unloading cradle, closed with steel strap and sent the the production lines.

Attached images
Finished products
Decoiler and loading cradle
Introduction group and heading shear
View of line and detail of shear w. circular blade
View of line and detail of shear w. circular blade
Heading shear
Felt-press with clamp
Control panel
Technical data
Line direction Right-Left
Line colour 5015 RAL
Decoiler capacity 20 t
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