Roll forming lines, special machines for sheet metal working and production of metal profiles

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The production line for chimney flues of big diameter is an expressly dedicated line for such products, which in fact can arrive to a diameter of up to 400 mm. To make this product a decoiler of 10 t complete with loading cradle has been foreseen, but above all a special roll forming line expressly designed and made for the forming of big diameter chimney flues. A special device on the roll forming line cuts and rewinds the protective foil before the welding is carried out. A TIG welding unit of 300 A positioned at the exit of the roll forming line welds the chimney flue. The following flying shear with a special carriage on which a cutting head with orbital discs is mounted cuts to measure the finished product. The following unloading bench takes out of the line the finished product.

Attached images
Particular of the cutting head with orbital disks
Detail of the welding head
General view of the seaming bench
General view of the seaming bench
Roll forming line detail
TIG welding unit
Control panel
Technical data
Decoiler capacity 10 t
Installed power 65 kW
Absorbed power 42 kW
Line direction to be defined
Line colour to be determined
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