Roll forming lines, special machines for sheet metal working and production of metal profiles

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The cutting line for E type squares is a dedicated line to produce worked and straightened blanks with variable measures starting max. with 1,5 mm thick sheets.
In its standard configuration it is made up from a bridge type decoiler which feeds a straightener and immediately afterwards a shear with circular blade cuts to section the strip to the desired measure, the following guillotine type shear cuts to the requested measure the blanks.
Line colour blue RAL 5015

In option:
1/ Supporting bench 3 m length cod. N7;
2/ Unloading stacker for sheets cod. 176;
3/ Notching dies cod. 10Q

Attached images
Straightening head
Notching dies (optional)
Cross cut
Shear with circular blade
Sheet introduction zone and decoiler
Detail of the straightener motorisation
Detail of the hydraulic plant of the line
Control panel
Technical data
Coil weight 5000 Kg
Material: Fe
Thickness 1 mm
Useful width 1500 mm
Line speed 0-15 mt/min
Dimensional tolerance 0,3 mm
Installed power 20 kW
Line direction Left-Right
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