Roll forming lines, special machines for sheet metal working and production of metal profiles

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Line composition for the production of kit:

Line “A”: production line kit type shelves
-Useful width 1000 mm. Production 2 kit/min (with 5 shelves, 8 uprights and accessories) from mat. Fe. From stainless steel and punched, production lower by ~ 50%
-18 passages. Material Fe P02 galvanized and shiny, pre-painted, s. steel AISI 305 (also punched in predetermined zones)
-Thickness 0,5–0,6 mm. Length 750–1500 mm. Width from 300 to 600 mm. Production about 10 pcs/min
-Variable speed 0-20 m/min. D.C. motor 10 kW
-Decoiler capacity 15.000 kg

Line “B”: plant for reinforcement production
-Decoiler capacity 2.000 kg. Speed max. 25 m/min
-Production 13 pcs/min L 1000 mm
-Material Fe P02 galvanized and shiny, pre-painted, s. steel AISI 305

Line “C” production line of angles for light boltless shelving
-Useful width roll forming line 150 mm. Material galvanized 1 mm thick. Decoiler capacity 2.000 kg. Line speed 8 pcs/min (1 m pieces). Punching step 200 mm

Line “D”
-Automatic insertion of angles on panel and accessories bag
-Stacking system of shelves
-Palletising system of packaged parcels
-Accident prevention equipment

Attached images
Finished product
Palletizer of boxes with packing
Example sections of products
View of the line
Notching unit with two units for head-tail
Roll forming line PMD type
Flying cutting and bending press
Tilting mechanism for shelves
Control desk
Technical data
Installed power 204 kW
Absorbed power 155 kW
Air consumption 900 Nl/1
Production of line A 2 N° Kit/1'
Production of line B 13 pezzi/1'
Speed line C 8 pezzi/min
Thickness (see specific lines) 0,5-0,6-1 mm
Line colour 6011 RAL
Line direction Left-Right
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