Roll forming lines, special machines for sheet metal working and production of metal profiles

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The production line for vineyard poles is a dedicated line for these products, made in two sizes, with measures of 52x32 mm and 52x57 mm.
The line has a decoiler 5 t and in the group made up by the straightener and the following 50 t press holds the die making all the necessary pre-shearings on the strip, which is then sent to the roll forming line for forming.
After the profiling in the following fixed hydraulic cutting press, where we have two interchangeable cutting dies, the cut for the desired measure is carried out and the following unloading bench takes the finished product out of the line.

Attached images
Finished product
Detail of punching die
Drawing of section of products
View of the line
View of the line
Detail series of rolls
Detail of cutting die
Control desk
Technical data
Decoiler capacity 5 t
Int. coils 500 mm
Useful width 500 mm
Material thickness 1 / 1,5 mm
Line speed (with 2,5 m lengths) 14 / 15 m/min
Material: Fe, Galvanized, Pre-painted
Line colour to be determined
Line direction to be determined
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