Roll forming lines, special machines for sheet metal working and production of metal profiles

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Machine for the production of calendered profiles with manual feeding and useful width of 1.250 mm. In this case the product shows 5 trapezoids of 39 mm height and has ribbing on the base and on the sides. The machine has a base adjustable in height from a minimum of 1.700 mm up to 2.750 mm (referred from the ground to the passage of profile), and balancing is adjustable from 0 to + 25. The height adjustment is made with 2 motors of 1,5 kW power, the balancing adjustment with 2 hydraulic cylinders 63 mm, the hydraulic power pack of the machine has a 7,5 kW motor. Follows a strip introducer made up of 8 rolls, a group of PME 180 heads with pitch of 544, a contrast group positioned between the two PME 180 heads having 11 adjustable contrast rolls ( 15 mm). At the exit of the machine there is an adjustable bending unit with 80 mm shaft, the rolls can be excluded through 2 pneumatic cylinders 80 mm, and it has a motor for the extraction of 1,1 kW.

Attached images
View of the line
Finished product
Lateral view of the machine
Three dimensional representation of the product
Detail of rolls
Sheet insertion zone
Lateral view of the rolls zone
Detail of sheet insertion zone
Control panel
Technical data
Maximum width 1250 mm
Min. material thickness 0.6 mm
Max. material thickness 0.8 mm
Roll forming line shaft 180 mm
Min. bending radius 6-7 m
Installed power 40 kW
Absorbed power 25 kW
Mat.: Pre-painted Alu, Pre-painted, Galv
Line colour to be determined
Line direction to be determined
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