Roll forming lines, special machines for sheet metal working and production of metal profiles

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The hydraulic heading and welding group 3 mm thickness GSAR-500-SS carries out the heading, blocks the strip to be processed with the first vice, then cuts the entering strip and blocks it with the second vice. Now starts the automatic welding, after which the vices unlock and the line can continue in automatic.
As an option it is possible to have the welding unit with one couple of motorized exit rolls (pinch-roll) with pneumatic lifting of the upper roll, n 2 couples of motorized rolls 1 in entry and 1 in exit, with pneumatic lifting of the upper roll, and it is also possible to have as an option n 3 sheet accompanying rolls.

Attached images
General view
Welded product
Detail of the welding torch
Rear general view
Plant detail
Detail of welding zone
Introduction zone
Control consolle
Technical data
Maximum width 200 mm
Welding unit electrical absorption max. 43 amp
Mat:Fe,Galv,Prepainted(Paint removal),SS
Min. material thickness 0.3 mm
Max. material thickness 1.5 mm
Electric shear
Blocking vices
Lay out 1
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