Roll forming lines, special machines for sheet metal working and production of metal profiles

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Production line for tables for scaffolding with special seaming of the sides and reinforcements obtained. Automatic line starting from strip with innovative solutions.
The lateral seaming of the table with a roll system allows avoiding the point welding on galvanized material and therefore the rapid formation of rust/oxidation. Besides the reinforcement is obtained from the same sheet.
For such a complicated solution with rolls we have foreseen a heading and welding bench with width 1000. Ribbing head with rolls (this is also an innovation) to carry out the anti-skidding by rolls and not with the press (to work faster).
At the end the seaming system of the heads (from loaders) with the table executed with TOX and automatic stacking makes from the line a complete automation.

Attached images
General view of the line
Processing detail shear zone
Three dimensional representation of the product
Detail of ribbing head with rolls
Roll forming line detail
General view of the seaming bench
Detail of unloading and stacking zone
Control panel
Technical data
Table dimension (height) 50-60 mm
Table dimension (width) 330-490 mm
Table dimension (length) * mm
Material: Galvanized
Material thickness 1 mm
Production speed 5-6 m/min
Line direction Right-Left
Line colour 5015 RAL
Decoiler capacity 15 t
Maximum width 1250 mm
Installed power 195 kW
Absorbed power 139 kW
Air consumption 100 Nl/1
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